Memberships are reserved for those individuals wanting to come in on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to receive their spa treatments without the hassle of payment each time.

Currently we offer two memberships. Endless Lashes, and Glam Girl Nails. There are no sign-up costs or hidden fees; as well as no contracts with either membership.

All memberships automatically renew each month on the sign-up date. Clients can cancel anytime 30 days prior to their next billing date with no further dues to be collected.

Balances do not carry over each month, so if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment within a single month and service is not completed, the service for that month is forfeited. If an appointment is no-showed by the client, we charge a no-show fee for the missed appointment which is the regular full price for the service.

Memberships can be hold in a freeze status for up to six months. Each membership that is frozen will be charged a $15 per month hold fee to keep the membership current. The freeze status can be used consecutively or one month at a time. Once the freeze status has completed, automatic renewal of regular membership dues will continue.

We do require a 24-hour cancellation, reschedule notification on all appointments. Any appointment cancelled after the 24-hour window has lapsed will be charged a late cancellation fee of $10.

Monthly Memberships

  • Endless Lashes: $90/Month – Clients can enjoy the convenience of coming in once per calendar week or once every other week without the hassle of a payment. Credit cards are charged monthly on the date that the membership is purchased.


  • Glam Girl Nails: $40/Month – This membership is designed for the nail fanatic. Anyone who wants to keep their nails glamorous at all times would be a great candidate for this membership. Clients can come in once a month and receive a nail service whether it be a pedicure, dipping powder set, or a full set of acrylic.

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